Where we went, who we met — June 2018

Where we went, who we met — June 2018

It ’s one thing to talk about doing something and it ’s a completely different one to actually show up, meet new people, shake hands, set up partnerships and discuss the future. We ’ve done a lot of the latter last month. Here is a short recap of the most important events we went to in June.

Technology Investment Conference 2018, Thailand

Our COO, Radek Kukula presented TrustedHealth with our advisor Eddy Travia in Thailand on the Technology Investment Conference 2018, “Investments that Spark Science and Technology Innovation ”. He met with new investors and promoted the TrustedHealth network to the growing Asian market.

Private Healthcare Summit, London, UK

Our founders, Greg and Lukasz were participating in the Private Healthcare Summit, where the main topic was Healthcare innovation: exploiting new technologies to benefit patients, doctors, providers and payers. They introduced Trustedoctor and TrustedHealth concept to the attendees.

British Neuro-Oncology Society Meeting (BNOS), UK

Kudos to the organising team including Mr. Paul Grundy (on the picture below) for putting together a solid three day conference! A lot of food for thought and plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas and collaborate. As some of you may already know, Dr. Grundy is already part of the TrusteDoctor medical network.

Also at BNOS 2018, Lukasz met with Hugh Adams from the Brain Tumour Research and discussed the importance of building an ecosystem in pursuit of treating cancer patients at the #BNOS2018 conference this week.

Link to a short recap of the conversation with Hugh Adams, available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=-h1D2BJzxrI

Health+Care Event, London, UK

Health+Care as an event focuses on the delivery of cultural, service, system and digital transformation that ’s essential to securing the future of health and social care systems. The event is a rare opportunity for colleagues from across the NHS, local government, care homes and the voluntary sector to come together on an equal footing to network, collaborate and share learning around implementing change.

Lukasz met up and discussed with healthcare providers and the representatives from the NHS on how Trustedoctor platform can be applied in the integrated care in the UK and globally.

New events coming up every month, so stay tuned!