TrustedHealth monthly update: August 2018

TrustedHealth monthly update: August 2018

The notoriously slow summer months did not show in our TrustedHealth offices and our progress. We ’ve been busy broadening the TrusteDoctor medical network, acquiring new users and growing our team. Here is a small check up of what happened in August 2018.

TrustedHealth Medical Ecosystem Expands

We ’ve added medical specialists from across the globe who specialize in three cancer types, such as breast cancer, blood cancer and sarcoma.

Serious conditions like that require the best possible care and we made sure to find the best specialists out there and invited them to join the TH ecosystem. For sarcoma patients in particular, the TrusteDoctor platform now offers a full array of specialists, including surgeons, oncologists and radio-oncologists. All available with just a few clicks through the TrusteDoctor platform.

We believe that cancer treatment should be tackled in a holistic way, where doctors share the patient cases and discuss the appropriate treatments with several accomplished colleagues, regardless of their geographical location.

Our futuristic approach to specialized medicine has been recognized by other fields of medicine, such as general practice and mental health practice. For more context on this please refer to the recent discussion between Dr. Tena Walters, an award winning breast surgeon and Lukasz Rzeczkowski, co-founder of TrusteDoctor and TrustedHealth, about her opinion on TrusteDoctor and the TrustedHealth network. The video is available for you to see- HERE.

The TrustedHealth user base grows on a daily basis

Just in the last 90 days, we have acquired nearly 200 new users from over 39 countries. We are working hard to reach adoption and get recognition around the world.

Another thing we ’re working hard on is expanding our global specialists network, with our doctors originating and working from over 7 countries across the world. Below is a chart showing a more detailed overview of our global specialist network.

New partnerships on the Trustedhealth horizon

Our partnership lists expands globally, including Africa, where we recently reached important milestones with four of our partners:

TrustedHealth welcomes another new team member

Jan Globisz (intern) is an economist, who just completed his studies at Durham University. For a couple of weeks already, Jan provided support with research into medtech and genomics.

Presenting, Networking and building Connections

We have recently visited various hospitals in our network:

We have been invited to speak at:

Cass Innovate Conference — Technology changes quickly, transforming the world around us. Applied robotics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality — once the realm of science fiction — are now embedded in our daily lives. TrustedHealth is going to be presented as one of the new cutting edge solutions for the modern era of specialized medicine.

We are also attending:

TDH is featured on three Exchanges

Yobit —

Idex —

TokenJar —