TrustedHealth Check — up

TrustedHealth Check — up

Another 2 weeks have gone by and summer is already in full swing everywhere except our TrustedHealth office! We have expanded the doctor network, we sponsored British Neuro-oncology Society Conference and most importantly, we ’re making great progress with spreading the TDH ecosystem around the globe — this time in Kenya!

1. Continuous effort to expand the doctor network:

🤝 Dr Angus McIndoe Joins our TD/TH Network!

Mr Angus McIndoe is one of the foremost UK consultants working in the field of Gynaecological Oncology today. He is a fully trained and accredited gynaecological oncologist and was lead in both these areas at Imperial College Healthcare for many years. He has worked at The Wellington Hospital, The London Clinic, The Portland Hospital, The Lindo Wing of St Mary ’s, and The Sainsbury wing at The Hammersmith.

⏩Link to his profile on TrusteDoctor:

2. Presence at BNOS conference, UK:

At BNOS (British Neuro-oncology Society Conference) we talked about the importance of second opinion, working together and involvement of patients in the clinical discussions. This grass-root movement is a cornerstone of the TrustedHealth blockchain ecosystem.

3. 🌐 TrustedHealth Ecosystem expands to Kenya

As stated before, the idea of the TDH ecosystem is to connect doctors, hospitals, clinics around the world within one ecosystem, one platform. Trustedoctor and TrustedHealth are gaining recognition all over the world! Attached is a video from our founder Greg Jarzabek, talking to Dr. Taha and discussing how our network can help save patients lives.

If you want a longer and more detailed events update, follow this link:

Official website of the Sagam Community Hospital:

🙌Remember, your health is your greatest asset!