All you need to know about the TDH Token Distribution, starting on May 11th, 15:00CET!

All you need to know about the TDH Token Distribution, starting on May 11th, 15:00CET!

Time flies and so does our TrustedHealth project! The ICO is officially over and we ’re happy to be one of the few successful ICO ’s which launched during the bearish market and came out successful.

Now, our number one priority is to distribute the TDH tokens directly to your ETH wallet. We ’re starting on Friday, May 11th at 15:00 CET. Our dev team is working hard to make this process as smooth and secure as possible, that ’s why we prepared a few things to check and read before the distribution. Read carefully, here we go:

As you probably already know we are required by the state of Gibraltar to add some additional information in order to be able to distribute the TDH tokens. We ’re not the only ones, all ICO ’s who reside in the state of Gibraltar are from now on required to deliver this additional information.

❗️IMPORTANT: If you don ’t fill the missing data, your TDH token distribution (scheduled for Friday 11th of May, 15:00 CET) will be pending until you provide the information.

Please, login to the dashboard and provide the required information or send us an email with the missing information to [email protected], unless you ’ve done it already.

We ’ll notify you in the unlikely event of your KYC being denied, but it ’s very unlikely since all of our contributors have already been through the KYC and AML procedures and were approved.

2. Adding the TDH token to your ETH Wallet

Regardless of which ETH wallet you used to contribute (MEW and Metamask are the most common) the process of adding a custom ERC20 token is the same. To ADD a custom token successfully, follow these 4 easy steps:

MEW — My Ether Wallet (example)

Metamask (example)

3. Insert the correct info and click “Save ”

Token Contract Address: ‼️ Will be provided by us on Friday, May 11th ‼️Token Symbol: TDH Decimals: 18

4. Your unlocked TDH tokens will (magically) appear in your ETH Account;)

If you experience any problems, please send us an email to [email protected] or ask our admins in the official Telegram group.

Looking forward to the distribution event and all that ’s ahead. Stay tuned, stay healthy!

Your TrustedHealth Team