TrustedHealth is a patient-led and doctor-guided cooperative focused on creating an ecosystem with Trustedoctor as a partner, in order to create an ecosystem of services, s.a. diagnostic labs, private clinics or surgery, insurance companies, pharmacies, patient organisations, research institutions, providers for patients to access.

Our goal is to to expand the body of research and medical specialists into a further 20 conditions over the next two years while simultaneously on-boarding more than 450 additional specialists across other life-threatening diseases.sds

Token economy

Multifaceted utility system
powered by health token

  • Engagement reward coin
  • Access rights token
  • Subsidized currency token
Patients, Users,
Patient organisations
  • The currency for virtual consultations and other ecosystem services
  • The currency for health insurance in specialized medicine
  • Reward based sharing and disclosing of data for research
  • Reward based active digital work patient engagement
  • Access rights to use the system data, it’s output and allow for research crowdsourcing
  • Access rights to contribute value-adding action or effort to the system
Partners, Institutions
  • Access rights to have a voting power for cosystem decisions
  • The currency for data storage system
  • Access rights to be part of the secure and decentralized data storage that is regulatory limited (especially for hospitals, clinics)
  • Access rights to use the system data, it’s research output
  • Access rights to become a partner of the ecosystem
Ecosystem main partner features


Easy access and the best possible advice from world's leading specialists are hard to find. We help to ensure you get the treatment and advice from the best experts.

Ecosystem Features

HealthPass: Immediate healthcare when you need it most.

HealthPass is health access insurance stored on your Ethereum wallet. A HealthPass registered Ethereum address allows you to access premium services within the TrustedHealth network of service providers. For instance, Trustedoctor, the first service provider to join TrustedHealth, will award HealthPass accounts access to assistance and research for any disease, even if not listed on their platform. We do the research, find you the right specialist and let you access the knowledge you need.

  • Lifetime access to world’s leading doctor specialists
  • 50 ETH Contribution:Healthpass: Individual access
  • 200 ETH Contribution:Healthpass+: Family access


Increased interoperability of patient health.

Interoperatibility is essential between systems to foster easier data sharing and better data research. Each party has a record linked to the original record that is registered to the blockchain. This way, everyone who has the appropriate role and responsibility, can append information to the record avoiding issues such as inconsistent or duplicate records.

Control and indisputable integrity of data.

Better control over data both for doctors and patients thanks to data integrity and immutability. Each event on the blockchain has a unique hash corresponding to the contents of a record. This means users can verify if the contents of the record have been changed or not and only permissioned users may access record information.

Better security & regulatory data storage.

Better data security & storage (TDH Vault) due to a peer-to-peer decentralized storage system holding shredded and encrypted data on dispersed servers connected with Ethereum blockchain. Users such as hospitals, clinics and others will have the possibility to customize the storage of data according to geolocation regulatory requirements (use of smart contracts to know where the data is stored and by who).

Track record

+200 patients from
25 countries

In just the fields of brain and lung cancer, we have already helped more than 200 patients from 25 countries, empowering them with access to the right specialists without worrying about the barriers of geography, time and finances.

Read about our patient stories Maike

We are trusted by 16 patient organisations around the world and entrusted by highly qualified and renowned medical specialists that want to help and share their knowledge with patients. We are funded by doctors and business angels as we are committed to maintaining our independence in order to fulfill our mission. Our legal council is Browne Jacobson, a leading British law firm with a global network. Our values are integrity, transparency and courage.

This is a brilliant, much needed service. This service is empowering patients and their families by connecting them with world-leading experts, helping them to feel more in control and ensure they get the best medical input possible.
Max Pemberton,
Daily Mail
Track record virtual clinic

Virtual clinic platform
use cases:

Private Virtual Clinic accounts for doctors to consult and follow up with existing and new patients

used by doctor specialists from leading hospitals across 6 countries

used by doctor specialists from 12 renowned private clinics and private hospitals in London

Main London Clinics:

used by the neuro-oncology department in Marseille. Virtual Clinic website to make their expert knowledge available to anyone.

Neuro-oncology, Department, France
See live
Virtual Clinic platform tested to follow-up with surgical discharge patients to reduce hospital readmission rates
NHS Cambridge Hospital, Neurosurgical department, UK
Virtual Clinic platform tested to connect hospitals in a country for a better exchange of data and to improve medical collaboration for patients
Virtual Clinic used for international patients admission and academic clinical trials data management