A patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem in specialised medicine engineered on blockchain.

With implementation of blockchain technology and issuance of the Health Token, TrustedHealth will be able to build a holistic network of healthcare services in specialised medicine and focus on finding the best methodologies to deliver better health outcome for patients in life-threatening diseases from anywhere in the world.

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Immediate access to the best doctor specialist for your specific condition.

Our existing product, digital medical record PatientLink, is already used by more than 300 patients all around the world (Create an account here). Trustedoctor tool (Sign in and try) links them with more than 80 world’s leading doctor specialists around the world.

With implementation of blockchain technology and issuance of the Health Token, we’ll be able to build a holistic network of services and focus on finding the best methodologies to deliver better health outcome for patients in life-threatening diseases from anywhere in the world.

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Token economy

Multifaceted utility system
powered by health token

  • Engagement reward coin
  • Access rights token
  • Subsidized currency token
Patients, Users,
Patient organisations
  • The currency for virtual consultations and other ecosystem services
  • The currency for health insurance in specialized medicine
  • Reward based sharing and disclosing of data for research
  • Reward based active digital work patient engagement
  • Access rights to use the system data, it’s output and allow for research crowdsourcing
  • Access rights to contribute value-adding action or effort to the system
Partners, Institutions
  • Access rights to have a voting power for cosystem decisions
  • The currency for data storage system
  • Access rights to be part of the secure and decentralized data storage that is regulatory limited (especially for hospitals, clinics)
  • Access rights to use the system data, it’s research output
  • Access rights to become a partner of the ecosystem


Increased interoperability of patient health.

Interoperatibility is essential between systems to foster easier data sharing and better data research. Each party has a record linked to the original record that is registered to the blockchain. This way, everyone who has the appropriate role and responsibility, can append information to the record avoiding issues such as inconsistent or duplicate records.

Control and indisputable integrity of data.

Better control over data both for doctors and patients thanks to data integrity and immutability. Each event on the blockchain has a unique hash corresponding to the contents of a record. This means users can verify if the contents of the record have been changed or not and only permissioned users may access record information.

Better security & regulatory data storage.

Better data security & storage (TDH Vault) due to a peer-to-peer decentralized storage system holding shredded and encrypted data on dispersed servers connected with Ethereum blockchain. Users such as hospitals, clinics and others will have the possibility to customize the storage of data according to geolocation regulatory requirements (use of smart contracts to know where the data is stored and by who).


Size of the healthcare market

7.83 trillion Current market size (2013)*
18 trillion Expected market size (2040)*
350 million Patients (specialised medicine only)
7000 Diseases (specialised medicine only)
  • The right medical expertise is not in one place.
  • High misdiagnosis with around 20% of patients around the world with up to 45% relating to cancer.
  • There is a lack of collaboration and transfer of knowledge between medical practitioners globally.
  • Limited access to population health data
  • Privacy and security
  • Inconsistent rules and permissions for accessing patient data
  • Fraud and abuse
  • Varying data standards
  • Consumer engagement


Every problem is a start of a solution for better health outcomes.

  • To empower patients by providing them with knowledge and access to the right expertise worldwide.

  • To help patients access expertise from across the globe in a decentralised healthcare system that assures better treatment provision.

  • To support the unification of healthcare experiences for better data collection and improved global research.

  • To support better data security within healthcare.

This is a brilliant, much needed service. This service is empowering patients and their families by connecting them with world-leading experts, helping them to feel more in control and ensure they get the best medical input possible.
Max Pemberton,
Daily Mail

Find out more about the use cases for hospitals, clinics and other partnerships.

  • Hopital Prive

    Virtual Clinic Website for Neuro-oncology Department in Marseille, to make their expert knowledge available to anyone.

  • Switzerland

    Trustedoctor platform used of data management for clinical trials.

  • Cambridge University Hospitals (NHS)
    UK Hospital collaboration

    Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge - Proposed collaboration between Neurosurgical department and Trustedoctor for surgical discharge patient follow-up

  • ARS - Agence Regionale de Sante

    Proposed for the virtual clinic platform to connect hospitals within a country for a better exchange of data and medical advice.

  • Kenya

    Trustedoctor specialist doctor network to be used to alleviate the shortage of specialist in Kenya

Token info

Token nameTDH
Number of Decimal Places18
BlockchainEthereum (ERC-20)
TDH smart contract address0x2a1dbabe65c595b0022e75208c34014139d5d357
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